I have been using RubyMine for Ruby development for the past few months. It’s an amazing program. I really like the code completion and navigation abilities it provides.

Here’s some reasons why you should use RubyMine:

  • Awesome search anywhere functionality when you tap shift twice.
  • Great support for Vim bindings with Idea Vim plugin.
  • Solarized colorscheme looks really good.
  • Has built in integration with GitHub, Rails, etc. so I can perform actions from the IDE instead of having to keep a terminal running with rails server and another one to type git commands into.
  • Good support for Terminus font (TTF)
  • Really good code folding
  • Shows errors well
  • Integrates into the OS theme.

Fastbook released!

I livestreamed the development of my first Android app today. The app is called Fastbook and isn’t available in the Google Play Store yet; however, I have provided a link to it here. It will be in the Play Store as soon as I can create a developer account.

This is a Facebook app, meant for accessing the popular social media site. Fastbook’s main advantage is that it takes up only about 1.2 MB, while the official Facebook app currently takes up over 250MB on my phone. It is built around a simple WebView. The disadvantage of this is that it can’t send rich notifications, and it depends on having Internet access to work. Otherwise, it functions the same or even better than the official app.

Download the app here.

The app is open source and licensed under the GPL v3. The code is available here.

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